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Best of 2022: Movies

by Public Services Associate Luke

There were plenty of new releases and great films that came to theatres or found their home on the various streaming platforms, but I will be discussing a few of what I think are some of the best this year.

The Batman | dvd

Another entry into the ever-growing Batman movie franchise. Featuring Robert Pattinson as a young and brooding Bruce Wayne, this movie finds Batman in the first year of his vigilante lifestyle. Batman must navigate the fragile world of crime syndicates, petty thieves, a violent serial killer and his own family legacy. Batman must track down and stop the mysterious Riddler before he can kill again, and this manhunt forces the Bat to fight his own personal demons. Accompanied by one of the greatest scores of this past year by Michael Giacchino, and terrific acting from a supporting cast that includes Andy Serkis, Colin Farrell, Zoe Kravitz, and John Turturro, The Batman is the best superhero movie that released this year, and in my opinion, is in contention as the greatest Batman movie of all time. 

Everything Everywhere All at Once | dvd

This is my entry for the most wild movie of the year. Directed by the team known as “The Daniels”, which consists of duo Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert, this movie is built on the “YouTube generation” and it definitely shows. Frenetic editing and wild storytelling builds around the multiversal jumps within the movie. Following a Chinese-American immigrant, named Evelyn, Everything Everywhere All at Once is a story about the possibilities of life and how the decisions we make affect those we love. While meeting with an IRS auditor (hilariously played by Jamie Lee Curtis), Evelyn discovers she has the power to access other multiverse versions of herself and gain their various skills. For example, she can access a world where she is a martial artist, and fights off multiple henchman. As Evelyn discovers the lives she could have if she changed one minute decision in her past, she reconnects with her husband and estranged daughter. This is the best movie of the year for me. I saw it three times in theatres and was enthralled by the action setpieces, pulled into the fun of the multiverse, and yes, I even cried at certain points. This movie is the perfect balance between awesome action and beautiful emotion. 

Top Gun: Maverick | dvd

Another movie that I saw multiple times in theatres is Top Gun: Maverick. I found every excuse I could to get more people to see this with me. Tom Cruise spent almost four years delaying and perfecting this movie, and he definitely made the correct decision. The planes in this movie are real. The actors had to learn how to fly the jets. How awesome is that? There is one scene in this movie where Tom Cruise is flying a difficult course, and the score cuts out so that all we can hear are the engines and Tom Cruise grunting and breathing heavily as he tries to steer the jet around the terrain. It is one of the most thrilling scenes ever put to film. Maverick is also one of the few examples of the sequel being better than the original. Maybe sacrilege to some, but the time and effort put into this movie by the filmmaking team to make this the most realistic and exciting jetplane/action movie of all time is so astonishing there is no other way to put it. This is the most exhilarating movie of the year, and probably even the last few years. 

Nope | dvd

Jordan Peele has earned his status as a top filmmaker of this generation, and Nope solidifies that honor. What begins as a classic UFO story evolves into a mix of statements on Black filmmaking, Hollywood history, the symbolism of images and the depths to which we will stoop to get them, and even becomes an homage to Peele’s favorite directors. Daniel Kaluuya plays the stoic and somewhat skeptical hero of the movie while Keke Palmer portrays his energetic foil, and both carry the heart of the movie. A thrilling and edge-of-your-seat watch, and with one of the most suspenseful third acts from this year, Nope is a phenomenal watch. Squeamish viewers beware however. Nope contains some harrowing moments, and one scene in particular that might be one of the most disturbing sequences I’ve ever seen.


X | dvd and Pearl | dvd 70s slasher homage and it’s prequel,  which deals with one of the main characters from X. Both are great horror movies that deal with issues of fame and stardom.

Ambulance | dvd The newest Michael Bay movie that is so much insane fun and pure adrenaline.

All Quiet on the Western Front | Netflix The best version of this story and so amazingly well done, the best anti-war film of the last few years. 

These are just some of the movies that came out this year that I would recommend. They make for some great viewings and are all entertaining and well-made movies. Come in and check them out or place a hold. Enjoy the movies!