Bexley History Programs

Celebrate Bexley’s 115th Birthday at the Library!

By Local History Librarian David

August 10 is Bexley Day, the day Bexley was established as an incorporated village with its first charter in 1908. For the second year, the Bexley Public Library, in partnership with the Bexley Historical Society, are celebrating Bexley’s birthday with an honorary program and cake. This year, Historical Society Trustee, Larry Helman, will present on how the community developed over time. Join us for the event at 7 PM on Thursday, August 10 in the library auditorium. It will also be an opportunity to learn about a new effort to mark and recognize those houses of 100+ years in age. 

The Bexley Century Homes initiative, generously funded by the Paige and Mike Crane Fund, provides homeowners the opportunity to mark their homes with a commemorative yard sign. Additionally, homes having reached their hundredth birthdays will be listed by address in an online registry. With each year during the 2020s, more of Bexley’s houses will reach this milestone as the first building boom in Bexley occurred in the 1920s. 

Homeowners wishing to learn more about the history of their homes can discover more than just the year of construction. From the names of former residents, house history researchers can learn about the lives of those past owners and events that took place in their home. Sales listings can provide a glimpse of the home’s features and selling price at different times and even photos decades old. As Bexley Public Library’s Local History Librarian, I provide several options for discovering the history of your home.

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