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Board and Tabletop Games

by Public Service Associate Luke

I have spent countless hours playing board games with friends and family. We have played everything from backstabbing sabotage to cooperative adventures, and playing these games has created new ways for my friends and I to entertain ourselves. Likewise, board game nights with my family have allowed for all of us to get closer. Some games will make you laugh, some will make you cry, and some might make you very angry, but it’s all in the name of great fun. As the weather gets cooler, board games are a great way to hang out with your people of choice and enjoy the coming fall evenings. This list presents some game options that are more than the typical Monopoly and Candyland, and I recommend all of them as part of a great game night. 

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Library Lovers’ Day

by Public Service Associate Hannah

Ah, Valentine’s Day, or as we like to celebrate Library Lovers’ Day! Whether your plans lean romantic or platonic, allow me to share several ways in which Bexley Public Library makes for the perfect valentine.