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Library Lovers’ Day

by Public Service Associate Hannah

Ah, Valentine’s Day, or as we like to celebrate Library Lovers’ Day! Whether your plans lean romantic or platonic, allow me to share several ways in which Bexley Public Library makes for the perfect valentine.

1. We love sharing books. We share books about love. We even deliver books to your house!

  • One Good Night ’til Valentine’s Day by Frank Berrios | print

A picture book that shows how different families celebrate the holiday in their own ways.

  • Must Love Books by Shauna Robinson | print / ebook

A book about a romance sparked in a bookstore? Yes, please!

  • Yinka, Where is Your Huzband? by Lizzie Damilola Blackburn | print / ebook

Yinka has always believed that true love will find her when the time is right. Until her cousin gets engaged, and Operation Find A Date for Rachel’s Wedding commences.  You will enjoy this unconventional heroine who bravely asks the questions we all have about love. 

  • Dinner Just For Two by Christina Lane | print

What can I say? You get to the heart through the stomach.

  • Conversations on Love: Lovers, Strangers, Parents, Friends, Endings, Beginnings by Natasha Lunn | print

An investigation of love in all its forms, featuring conversations with a diverse cast of psychologists, writers, philosophers, scientists and more. 

  • I Love You Because I Love You by Muon Van | print

This call-and-response picture book details all the big and small reasons why we love the people we do.

2. We encourage you to look beyond.

Think romantic stargazing or a fun family adventure in your own backyard! Learn more, and place one of our telescopes or birding kits on hold here on our website. 

3. We offer you free entertainment.

If you enjoy the peaceful reward of completing a puzzle on your own, streaming concerts in your living room, or showing how clever you are at amassing the largest flock of sheep, we have the puzzle exchange, board games, and free apps for you to try.

4. Our programming and events enlighten, engage, and inspire our community.

From Cold War history and fun storytime crafts to helping you solve a genealogical mystery, what institution values your access to accurate information and services more so than the library?

No one likes a bragard, so I shall pause here. Happy Library Lover’s Day, valentine!