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Resource Spotlight: Streaming Alternatives

by Adult Services Library Associate Christian

The convenience of streaming and the past year has changed the way we consume entertainment. While the physical medium has not died out (especially in the library-sphere, where you can still browse new movies on our website), there is much to be said on how streaming has allowed for even more content (tv, movies, music) to be produced as it does not necessarily have to follow the restraints that physical media bare (such as the cost for the production of dvds, blu-rays, CDs, vinyl).

While streaming does offer a litany of entertainment to consume, it comes with a price. Not only has the cost of streaming gone up, but the amount of streaming services have multiplied–spreading out content among several different platforms. This is why offering free alternatives to paid streaming is important, to allow the consumption of entertainment without the high cost of entry.

TV & Movies

Acorn TV Review | PCMag
For fans of British Mystery, Drama, & Comedy

Been hearing the buzz about Bridgerton? Well, AcornTV is a platform that is loaded to the brim with British dramas, mysteries, and comedies that will satisfy your needs for the television across the pond. Packed with classics, new series, and exclusive content, this free service will make you wonder why you have not been utilizing it any sooner.

hoopla - Stream or download movies, music, audiobooks
An all-in-one streaming service

From audiobooks to movies to music and more, Hoopla does it all. It features brand new films and music, as well as your favorite classics. The versatility and amount of content that is featured within the service is bountiful.

Press — IndieFlix
For the independent film fanatics

IndieFlix is a service that offers thousands of films, shorts, and tv shows from independent, global filmmakers. If you want to see what smaller-budget filmmakers are doing, then this is your destination for independent filmmaking.

As Kanopy's Popularity Grows, Can Your Library Continue to Afford It? |  IndieWire
For fans of documentaries, world cinema, and educational programs

Kanopy is an excellent service that offers high quality documentaries (from the likes of PBS and HBO), world cinema (from distributors such as Criterion Collection and A24), and educational programming (such as The Great Courses). While the Bexley Public Library does not offer this service directly, you can access it with a Columbus Metropolitan Library card.


Qello - Wikipedia
For those that miss seeing live concerts

Qello Concerts is a service that allows you to access archived live concerts from some of your favorite artists. From Miles Davis to Daft Punk, Qello has it all. The eclectic roster of musicians and bands that this service provides will be sure to please a music lover of any kind.

ListenColumbus logo
A collection of full albums from Columbus locals

Listen Columbus is a streaming service that offers a continually-updated collection of records from musicians and bands in the 614. This service is provided graciously by the Upper Arlington Public Library, and can be accessed without a library card.

Bandcamp Says Fans Spent $4.3 Million Friday as Site Waived Its Share -  Variety
For those that want to support artists directly

Bandcamp is a streaming service that houses hundreds of thousands of artists and labels–from some of the biggest independent artists. Bandcamp usually allows fans to listen to the music for free, but downloads and merch come at a price. This service lets you find new music and support independent musicians.