After Watching The White Lotus

by Public Service Associate Juliana

Maybe you watched The White Lotus week by week as it aired or maybe you waited and devoured it all in a single weekend. Either way, The White Lotus season two has an excellent cast and plot line that keeps viewers eager to catch the next episode. But for me, the real draw was the setting. I love to travel and have a preference for books, movies, and shows with a strong sense of place. After watching season 2 in its entirety, I immediately set out in search of books that would allow me to stay within the setting. More Italy please, because I am simply not ready to leave that stunning, shimmering, sunny country in the middle of the Mediterranean. 

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Resource Spotlight: Streaming Alternatives

by Adult Services Library Associate Christian

The convenience of streaming and the past year has changed the way we consume entertainment. While the physical medium has not died out (especially in the library-sphere, where you can still browse new movies on our website), there is much to be said on how streaming has allowed for even more content (tv, movies, music) to be produced as it does not necessarily have to follow the restraints that physical media bare (such as the cost for the production of dvds, blu-rays, CDs, vinyl).

While streaming does offer a litany of entertainment to consume, it comes with a price. Not only has the cost of streaming gone up, but the amount of streaming services have multiplied–spreading out content among several different platforms. This is why offering free alternatives to paid streaming is important, to allow the consumption of entertainment without the high cost of entry.