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Delve into Yiddish Literature with the Library!

By Associate Librarian – Readers’ Advisory Specialist Debbie

The Yiddish Book Center “Stories of Exile Reading Group” continues this Fall and Winter, offering readers a unique opportunity to delve into the rich literary heritage of Yiddish literature!

Our next reading group selection is The Glatstein Chronicles by Jacob Glatstein, translated by Maier Deshell and Norbert Guterman, a Yiddish Book Center 2023 Great Jewish Books Club pick. Mark your calendars for Monday, December 4th at 7pm, to discuss this remarkable work. Joining us as co-host is the esteemed Naomi Brenner, OSU Associate professor at the Melton Center for Jewish Studies.

  • The Glatstein Chronicles by Jacob Glatstein | Book

“In 1934, with World War II on the horizon, Jacob Glatstein (1896-1971) traveled from his home in America to his native Poland to visit his dying mother. One of the foremost Yiddish poets of the day, he used his journey as the basis for two autobiographical novellas–The Glatstein Chronicles–in which he intertwines childhood memories with observations of growing anti-Semitism in Europe.” –from the publisher

In case you missed our last reading group discussion in October, we explored In the Land of the Postscript by Chava Rosenfarb. Ms. Rosenfarb, a survivor of Bergen Belsen who later emigrated to Canada, crafted a collection of powerful short stories that delve into the lives of survivors in the aftermath of the Holocaust. Her work is a moving tribute to resilience, courage, and the human spirit’s capacity to endure even in the darkest of times.

We invite you to join us for our upcoming discussion of The Glatstein Chronicles in December. Whether you’re a seasoned Yiddish literature enthusiast or just curious to explore these captivating narratives, our reading group provides a welcoming space for all!

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Happy Jewish Heritage Month!

By Associate Librarian – Readers’ Advisory Specialist Debbie

This year the Bexley Library is one of 29 libraries across the country chosen to participate in the Yiddish Book Center’s “Stories of Exile” Reading Group!

The Yiddish Book Center is in Amherst, Massachusetts and was founded by Aaron Lansky, who started collecting Yiddish books when, as a college student, he and his classmates had trouble finding Yiddish books to read.  They realized that since Yiddish wasn’t spoken by the current generation, Yiddish books were being thrown away – and it was happening at an alarming rate.  Aaron Lansky’s adventures saving Yiddish books and the founding and evolution of the Yiddish Book Center are chronicled in his wonderful book Outwitting History: The Amazing Adventures of a Man Who Rescued a Million Yiddish Books.

Recommendations staff favorites

Best of 2022: Fiction

By Associate Librarian Debbie

I enjoyed so many wonderful books in 2022!  Here were some of my favorites in no particular order..


Amazing AAPI Movies!

by Associate Librarian Debbie

Asian and Pacific Islander Month is winding down, but it’s never too late to check out some awesome Asian films and directors! Here, I’ve gathered some excellent movies and films from a diverse array of Asian and Asian-American filmmakers and directors that you can find right here at the Bexley Public Library! From Wong Kar-Wai to Naomi Kawase, these are some movies and filmmakers worth celebrating.

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Women Authors for Women’s History Month

by Associate Librarian Debbie

In celebration of Women’s History Month I wanted to share some of my all time favorite female authors. There are so many wonderful authors but I pared it down to my top five. Keep reading to see some of the women authors that I cherish the most, along with insights into their unique works and writing styles.

Recommendations staff favorites

Staff Favorites 2021

by Public Service Associate Juliana

Welcome to our yearly round up! Each December it’s become Bexley Library tradition to collect a sampling of our favorite releases from the past 12 months. We hope this year’s compilation inspires you this holiday season! For even more great recommendations, listen to our recent podcast episode, “Best of 2021!”

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Hot Books for Summer

by Adult Services Library Associate Debbie

Every time of year is a great time for reading but there is something about summer with it’s longer days, lemonade and lounging that is particularly inviting to curling up with a good book. Here are some of the buzziest books of the season for all sorts of summer fun!

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What I’m Reading Next

by Adult Services Library Associate Debbie

One of the best problems to have is too many wonderful books to read. For a  bookworm like myself to work in a library is a bit like being a kid in a candy store. I have bunches of books I’m looking forward to reading and I thought I would share a few of them.  

I’ve been meaning to read one of Laura Zigman’s books forever- she has a great reputation for writing funny, poignant novels with very relatable characters. I was hooked after I read the premise for Separation Anxiety – a middle aged Mom who suddenly, impulsively starts wearing an old baby sling and carrying the family dog around in it to the shock and surprise of her family and friends.

Speaking of hooks, I’m a fool for a good book hook and Darling Rose Gold by Stephanie Wrobel has a doozy.  Rose Gold Watts was terribly sick for the first eighteen years of her life and the doctors couldn’t figure out what was wrong with her.  But it turns out that nothing was – her Mother was just a really good liar.  Now her Mother is getting out of prison and the town is stunned when Rose Gold opens her home to her. Has her Mother forgiven Rose for testifying against her? But Rose is no longer an invalid and she has been waiting such a long time for her Mother to come home.  It gives me chills!  I’m eager to see if Darling Rose Gold delivers the psychological twists and turns that it promises.

Long Bright River by Liz Moore is a mystery novel about two sisters; Mickey is a cop and patrols the streets and Kasey is in the grip of addiction and lives on the streets. The two sisters are estranged but when Kasey disappears Mickey is driven to find her.  I enjoy mysteries and this type really appeals to me – soulful, thoughtful mysteries that delve deep into their characters.  The central mystery isn’t as important as the mystery in the hearts of the characters.

The cover for Recipe for a Perfect Wife by Karma Brown made me do a double take – red cover, 1950s image of a housewife holding a knife and teeny little skulls.  I couldn’t resist.  The story of Alice,a modern day woman who finds cookbook notes and letters from a 1950s housewife – the cookbook has a sunny, perfect housewife outlook and the letters tell the real, darker side of her story. Alice starts to see uncomfortable parallels between her life and that of the ‘50s housewife who felt suffocated by her role and her marriage.  Will Alice change her life? The little skulls hint that the solution might be darker than simple self-improvement. There is only one way to find out!

A delightful summer treat that I’m about to bite into is Take a hint, Dani Brown by Talia Hibbert.  This novel is the second in a rom-com series about three sisters; the first one Get a Life, Chloe Brown was the perfect romantic confection – lovable characters, witty banter, adorable moments and great sizzle and I’m hoping the second is as good as the first. In the second novel Danika Brown is a hyper focused PhD student and has given up on relationships aside from the occasional fling; big, brooding security guard and former rugby star Zafir Ansari is a secret romantic and a workplace fire drill gone wrong throws the two together.  Will Dani seduce Zaf? Will Zaf win over Dani to romance? I can barely wait to find out!

I hope you’re enjoying your own summer reads and as always, Happy Reading!

Discussion Guide Virtual Book Club

The Yellow House by Sarah M. Broom Discussion Guide

As we prepare for our August 12th & 15th Virtual Book Club events, team member Debbie has put together a discussion guide that includes questions about and quotes from the BPL Virtual Book Club pick The Yellow House by Sarah M. Broom.

Staff Book Reviews

The Power by Naomi Alderman

A book review by Bexley Public Library team member, Debbie.