Past, Present, & Future Reads with Hannah

by Public Services Associate & Creative Content Coordinator Hannah

Right: Juliana Farrington, Patron Services Associate 
Left: Hannah Fithen Wade, Patron Services Associate & Creative Content Coordinator
Photo by Leah Boyden

Bexley Public Library’s Juliana invited fellow Patron Services Associate Hannah to consider her past, present and future reading journey.

staff favorites

Staff Favorites 2023!

Revel in the beauty of the All Staff “Reply All” email! I started an email thread asking for lists of favorite materials published in 2023. Collected below you will find a selection of standouts. There is so much variety here, truly something for everyone. Maybe you’ll feel inspired to try a new title or new author. Maybe this is the encouragement you need to read outside your typical genre! Have fun:) Read something you’ve heard lots about or nothing about. As a staff, we read a lot of fiction — psychological, gothic, horror, historical, romance, thriller. We read a lot in general — memoir, essays, picture books, and manga. You’ll also find our favorite movies, television, and music.

Booklists Recommendations

Veterans Day Books for All Ages

by Adult Services Manager Whitney

As we honor all US military veterans this week, here are some books for all ages that explore the perspectives and challenges of the men and women who have served our country. Libby has also created a collection of over 160 titles curated by librarians on Military Memoirs and History.

Booklists Covid-19 Information Recommendations

Mental Health and Your Family

by Adult Services Library Associate Nichole

This Thursday at 7PM, Dr. Parker Huston, PhD, a licensed clinical psychologist and Clinical Director of the On Our Sleeves Program at Nationwide Children’s Hospital, will be discussing how children and families are impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, including ways to talk about mental health with children.

Dr. Huston’s passion is rooted in providing education and opening doors so that children and their families can achieve their maximum potential and feel like they have agency in their lives. He believes that improving children’s mental health is important to set them up for success as adolescents and adults. Focusing on good mental health practices during childhood can create healthy habits throughout the life span. You can learn more about this Zoom event here.

Whether you’re looking for books to read to your children about their emotions and mental health or are wanting to get more in tune with your own, now is a better time than ever and BPL has plenty titles to choose from!

  • Where Happiness Begins by Eva Eland | print
  • Ravi’s Roar by Tom Percival |print
  • How Do You Feel by Lizzy Rockwell | print
  • Breathing Makes it Better by Christopher Willard | print
  • Bunny Breaths by Kira Willey | print

Booklists Recommendations

Hanukkah Sameach!

by Adult Services Library Associate Nichole

Hanukkah is right around the corner, so what better time to dive into our collection and find books that will help us celebrate this special time of the year. 

If you’re looking for books to sharpen your hosting skills or to learn more about Hanukkah, look no further than these titles:

If you’re looking for books to share with the little ones to teach them more about the Festival of Lights, check out these titles: