Armchair Travel: Pittsburgh

by Public Service Associate Juliana

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I lived in Pittsburgh for a brief stint while in school, the only time and the only place I’ve ever lived anywhere other than Ohio. During those years, the concept of Home was almost always on my mind, as I tried to feel at home in a new place while simultaneously feeling very, very homesick. Home has always meant Ohio and my family. To me home is the house by the creek, wild blackberry bushes and Queen Anne’s lace along the back drive, Mamaw and Poppy’s house next door, Mom’s no-bake cookies cooling on the counter, Dad’s boots by the door, meals with my siblings, my childhood bedroom.

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Ohio Day Trips, or, There and Back Again

A Journey Through Middle Earth the Buckeye State

by Programming Librarian Zach

The final school bell for the year has rung, longer days and warmer weather have arrived, and the official beginning of summer is right around the corner. Now, what to do with all of this extra time? Not to worry, the Bexley Public Library has you covered!

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Armchair Travel

by Public Service Associate Juliana

Ernest Hemingway’s ubiquitous influence is felt by all who visit Key West. The Pulitzer Prize winning author lived and wrote on the island during the 1930s and experienced the most prolific decade of his career there. Now every July Key West celebrates Hemingway Days in commemoration of the author’s July 21 birthday. Events include a look-alike contest, short story contest, deep-sea fishing tournaments, and literary readings. In the spirit of Hemingway Days, BPL would like to invite you to armchair travel to Key West!